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To prayerfully design, manufacture and market world class premium clergy shirts and other clergy products globally.


To become a leading clergy products company worldwide in 2025.


Our team in USA and India have several years of experience in garment manufacturing and exporting worldwide.


Pastor Alfy started wearing clergy shirts since his ordination in 2006. He had personally tried several brands of clergy shirts worldwide, buying them in retail and online stores.

He was never satisfied with the material and quality. The shirts that he liked especially 100% cotton shirts are either rare or very expensive.

One fine day he prayerfully decided to manufacture the shirts himself. Having more than 5 years of experience in a large Garment exports company in Chennai, India, he knows a great deal about garment manufacturing from designing to packing.

He worked with some finest designers in India. That knowledge helped him to identify right people to collaborate with in Chennai, India for which he made several visits which resulted in launching his own brand AlfyNewYork. Rest is history.


Pastor Alfred R.Thiagarajan is a fourth generation minister in his family. He graduated in Masters in Divinity from New York Theological Seminary in the year 2006 and subsequently ordained to serve God and God’s people.

He is a bi vocational minister. Having Master’s Degree in Human Resources, he works for a Software development company in Manhattan, New York as Vice President-Resources.

He is currently serving as a Pastor at “Lutheran Church of Our Savior”, Valley Stream, NY (www.oursaviourvalleystream.com ) He is also serving  at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Whitestone,NY(www.immanuelwhitestone.com) as its Associate Pastor serving its Tamil Congregation. He serves as Chaplain at Bronx Psychiatry Center, Office of Mental Health, NY State.(https://www.omh.ny.gov/omhweb/facilities/brpc/)

 He is a talented Musician and composer of several songs. He has released two Albums so far. He has a great interest towards the language ‘Tamil’ and wrote several articles which have been published. He writes Tami poems and is a Tamil blogger (www.paradesiatnewyork.blogspot.com  )which is now one of the top Tamil blogs worldwide. He is a Tamil Orator and participated in several Tamil debates. He is currently a Joint secretary for New York Tamil Sangam which is the oldest Tamil association in North America. (http://www.newyorktamilsangam.org)

He is a keen Social worker and founder of Goodwill Foundation ( www.goodwillcdp.org) which does Social work in tribal part of South India. He serves in the Board of “The Lutheran Care Network”  (https://www.tlcn.org)

He is married to Ruth Elizabeth for 27 years and blessed with two daughters, Anisha (26 years) and Abisha (24 years).

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